Highlights from the 2017 Fall Dance Retreat

Katya Sabaroff Taylor led a Haiku poetry workshop at the 2017 Dance Retreat.
The attendees were provided with four themes from which to write a Haiku.
They were: 1) Peace, 2) Autumn, 3) Self-Portrait and 4) At this moment now.
Shown below are selections from some of the workshop participants:
Moving slowly now
do see my joy, not the limp
still have more to do
Our circle awaits
we, still present fully here
live and die in peace
Nancy Starrett:
On the blue water
sun and breeze and birds and trees
quiet and deep peace
Still-searching woman
looking for her true best self
with like-minded souls
This inhalation
is blueprint for reverie
brings forth inner peace
At this moment now
paper becomes the mirror
of so much to share
Rahim (Tom):
Fall in Florida
the long humid summer ends
and then it returns
At this moment now
counting syllables of truth
we write wisdom words
A wide path to peace
come along join in the fun
we all can be there
Destiny-Free will
bringing me so close to love
just let it happen
Why can't the autumn
last twice as long as summer
no one is answering
I can't stop writing
it is my second bloodstream
existence in ink